About AFS

The official blurb………..

Welcome to Annie’s Fashion Store Blog- in-fact this site is for anyone who loves fashion, life, shopping and ………..yes SHOPPING!!

I am Chyneme, also known as Annie, the owner of Annie’s fashion Store in Nigeria(naija). I just love standing out in my own way…….I started blogging few hours ago lol…’. I am a very sensitive and emotional person. And very reserved. I mostly keep my feelings to myself; at least until I am ready to share them with the world, just like now ……..to share my widely read thoughts, personal experiences and observations on fashion with a focus on spotlighting trendy fashion items available for purchase on my on-line store ….. http://www.facebook.com/anniebaggie

Have I told you that I DESIGN HANDBAGS ……..

It is a dream come true!!! Yearning to help women who crave for known ‘designers handbags’ but end up buying fake and knock-off bags. Why spend so much money to buy fake handbag when the accessories can fall off while you are posing ??? rotflThe passion to fill that gap made me start my own handbag .I want a woman to feel as if the handbag was made just for her. When I design I feel I am the interpreter, and I don’t just design handbags, I design dreams.

SASSY by Annie Handbags is designed for the successful, modern and international woman; independent in terms of expressing her individuality through her fashion choices. These women choose to carry accessories that complement their individual style and appreciate understated luxury and timeless designs.

In partnership with an international company ,’Sassy handbag” customer can be rest assured she is purchasing a highly skilled,item produced with the utmost consideration for genuine Italian leather, while also combining a strong business ethic.


I have always been determined; if I really want something, I have to get it. I don’t mind working very hard until I succeed. And I never stop dreaming.


The most important is to love yourself and always appreciate who you are. Put yourself first. It is not anyone else’s business to make you happy all the time. It is all about “YOU.” If you discover any way to embrace yourself, to make yourself shine, whatever it is, just do it.

Please visit : http://www.facebook.com/anniebaggie
blackberry pin: 2B0EDB51
Email: anniefashionstore@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “About AFS

  1. On line store? I am interested and Been searching for the items and i dont see them here.whats this blog about.pls not being rude just confused

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