More Than Words Can Say…………………….


Hey  Guys,

We just HIT more than half a million blog views!

I feel  this is such a great milestone for my blog. I blog because I get satisfaction from knowing that a certain number of people read what I write each day. This post statistics helps.  Whether it’s through search engines, blog aggregators, or by clicking on ‘tags’ people who arrive come looking for something.

Thank you so much to every single person who takes time out of their day to come on my blog and read my posts

It means so much more than you will ever know!

I have one clear objective. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and I feel that blogging  could help me there. I know it seems too huge an ambition, and perhaps naïve , but quantity is not everything. Even if an article of mine helps one individual in a small way I feel happy.  And blogging gives me the ability to find out.

I also blog because I can write on a variety of subjects especially based on my past experiences . I know there are blogging ‘rules’ which say one should not…………..  but if I followed them, I would not be me. I have a wide variety of interests and yes, even several passions. I always say  ‘ I can sell ice to an Eskimo’ , I love what I do………….. I make unique and quality bags , I thrive to make Women beautiful …………….. and Men ! Proud of their ‘women’  sexy wink

As a little thank you,  we will be giving a gorgeous  ‘bag’ one of my collections to one lucky winner to add to her collections ,check one of these beauties and see which one fits your style best.





1. You must be following my blog .if you aren’t already following you can do so by “clicking” on the ‘like’ and/or  ‘following’ button on the upper side

2. Solve this Puzzle

Below are five phrases that have been tinkered with. When they are read aloud they will sound very similar to the required phrase. What are the phrases? For example “Ducks Sits Hound Fa Mill Ear” = “Does it sound familiar”.

A. my crows off wind dose eggs pea

B. lie fizz lye cab ox soft chalk clicks

C. jest fall oath a yell lobe Rick crowed

D. luck beef four Yule heap

E. wharf rough dud whorls

3.  Leave your name and email .

4. Let us also know which of these 2 bags you would pick if you WON

Winners will be announced November 10th

Good luck guys ……..muah!!!

3 thoughts on “More Than Words Can Say…………………….

  1. Microsoft Windows xp
    Life is like a box of chocolate
    Just follow the yellow brick road
    Look before you leap
    War of the world.

    I will prefer the red bag

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